Our PHP Framework Installer was designed to help you mount whole PHP frameworks for your site, with zero configuration required from you. You don’t need to seek out the most recent build of a framework for your projects and dedicate hours on getting it and setting it up. Now you have got every tool on hand right inside your Web Hosting Control Panel, introduced in a user friendly interface.

Numerous frameworks on hand

Start your online project with a framework

You will discover numerous PHP frameworks online which are rivalling to give the very best platform for your personal sites. Our PHP Framework Installer includes some of the more popular and commonly used PHP frameworks: CakePHP, Laravel, CodeIgniter, Zend, Symfony, and YII.

All these frameworks could very well be incorporated with a mouse click and it’s updated to the most recent stable version all the time.

Various PHP frameworks available

1–click PHP framework setting up

Your PHP framework is merely a mouse click away

The PHP Framework Installer is made to aid you to start your web ventures really easy. Inside the tool you’ll find included Lokihost’s quick installation technology that gives you an option to enter your requirements and initiate the set up procedure with a mouse click.

It’s simple to set up a PHP framework with simply a click. What you need to do is choose where to incorporate on the server. Our smart tool is going to handle the configuration job for you, which means you can start using your framework as soon as possible.

1-click PHP framework installation

1–click data backup

The easiest option to back up a framework

Every sensible developer is aware that it is significant to make a backup of the venture to count on in the event of a trouble. That’s why, we included a 1–click backup instrument to our PHP Framework Installer. It helps you to back up your framework and all the changes you’ve made, with a click.

There isn’t a backup limit. As long as you have available disk space in the account, you can make as many backups as you would like.

1-click backup